Candlelight Wednesday Nights

Every Wednesday we reserve our beautiful Bamboo Room for couples.

We have created this space so that in the middle of the week, we take a pause to connect with that special person in our lives.
A romantic ambience with candles, with Poems, and gentle jazz.


Delicious Pad Thai

Star Dish of the Month: Tin Jo Pad Thai

Our mouth watering pad thai is made with rice pasta, sautéed lightly with chicken, shrimp, bean sprouts, scallions and cilantro in an appetizing sweet and sour and spicy sauce.



Refreshing home made sorbets

Our very eccletic, delicious flavor combinations:
Lemon Grass and Mint
Passion Fruit
Orange and Basil
Papaya Colada
Blackberry with Anis


Gluten Free Menu

Please click onGluten Free Menu to see the complete menu.

Let your gluten intolerant friends and families know about our new gluten free menu! They will be thankful and happy!


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